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Very Fine Cut Paper 10# Forest Green

Very Fine Cut Paper 10# Forest Green


Item Number:

VF8FOG  (8 oz) 20 bags per box.

VF1FOG  (1 lb) 10 bags per box.

VF10FOG  (10 lbs) 1 box.

VF50FOG  (50 lbs) 1 bale.


Shred Dimension:

Thickness 1/6"

Stretched length 8"

Dimension for 10 Lbs box:

Length: 24"

Width: 16"

Height: 11"

  • Description:

    Shreds are used worldwide to make gifts and baskets look rich and festive.  
    They also provide important support and security for your gifts or products.  
    We have colors and mixes for every occasion.
    Crinkle cut is now 100% recyclable.
    We offer retail packaging in:
    8 oz bags, packed 20 bags to a box.
    1 lbs bags, packed 10 bags to a box.
    10 lbs boxes.
    Large 50 lbs bales.




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