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About Us


Western Foil Corporation is an award-winning Seattle-based manufacturer and master distributor of packaging products. 


We serve distributors with a variety of decorative packaging that enhances the gift, candy, wine, food, floral, and other industries. 


We strive to know our customers and meet their needs, whether it's small or large shipments, assorted products, personalized products, or custom products. 


We have been in business since 1949, and distributors throughout North America rely on us to meet their schedules and trust us to ship to their customers for them.

We believe that quality products, fair prices, and excellent service deliver true value.  Many long-standing relationships testify to the strength of this formula.


Our Mission Statement explains our goals:

Western Foil Corporation exists for these equally important reasons:

   *We will be an excellent supplier to our customers by providing them the best packaging products available with prices and terms that are fair and service the meets their needs.
   *We will be an excellent customer to our suppliers by representing them with honesty and integrity and adding value in the distribution of their products.

   *We will be an excellent employer by treating our employees and their families with respect and fairness, rewarding their industry with safety, security, competitive compensation, and opportunities for advancement.

   *We will be an excellent corporate citizen by obeying the law, paying our fair share of taxes, and supporting good works.

   *We will earn a fair return on the investment of our shareholders so we can continue to exist.

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